About the company

Our company appeared on the market out of the desire to offer animal transport services to the highest standards.

Before we specialized in this field, we were in the position of having to travel long distances with our non-speaking friends. With many emotions I set off and realized then that I had just lived some of the most memorable moments. Because we like it, because we love animals and we can’t function otherwise than being surrounded by them. We realized that this is how happiness looks and feels. That’s what we always want to do.

Therefore, we started to outline the whole project step by step. And how else if not with care, dedication and a lot of stoicism? Everything to be able to provide the animals with the best travel conditions, offering them optimal protection, but also a high level of mental and physical comfort, throughout the transport.

For this reason, we decided to buy only fully equipped cars with automatic hot-cold air conditioning, to create an optimal climate, regardless of the season. The next aspect we took into account was the presence of ventilation in the dog and cat compartment, because we wanted your little friends to be in the first place, in complete safety.
Moreover, knowing their needs, we opted to install in each car an innovative Webasto system that provides heating in the passenger compartment of dogs and cats, even when the engine is stopped. Of course, the machines are also equipped with a temperature recorder that can be listed and checked by the competent authorities.

And so that you can be sure that your dear non-speaking friend is happy and delighted in his new adventure, you can find out in real time where we are and you can see pictures during the transport, because the internet connection accompanies us throughout the trip.

As for socializing your puppies and kittens, don’t worry! We assure you that they will make new friends in a short time, because we offer a number of 40 individual places for each transport performed. Now you’re probably wondering how we provide them with increased comfort? The high-performance cages inside the cars are specially designed for transporting dogs and cats, have a high-performance door locking system and are available in different sizes, depending on their size: 62x44x50, 78x48x55, 92x57x63, 122x76x84.

And if you are worried that your pet is afraid of the dark, find out that there is a LED lighting system in each compartment. Last but not least, throughout the trip, our team members make sure that the little passengers are supervised, fed and cleaned. We change our underwear whenever necessary, to ensure an unforgettable trip, in a pleasant and clean environment.

For us, dogs and cats are not just pets. They are part of our family. And we assure you that each occupies a special place in our heart, always.
** Our means of transport are authorized by ANSVSA for the long-distance transport of dogs and cats and are registered in the International Traces System.

Because we care!

Dear team,