Pet transportation for dogs and cats to Hungary

We are fully qualified drivers and pet lovers, providing pet and dog door-to-door transportation to Hungary from Romania and from Hungary to Romania.

We have been working for many years in the field of transporting pets, namely dogs and cats, thus successfully managing to bring many animals home, from all over Europe, in complete safety.

Although we have many years of experience, we make every effort to be better to provide impeccable services, while properly managing transportation and paying close attention to the needs of both customers and their animals.

We can transport your four-legged friend from Romania to Hungary or from Hungary to Romania, in a vehicle specially adapted for him. We have opted for the installation in each car of an innovative Webasto system that provides heating in the passenger compartment for dogs and cats, even when the engine is stopped. Of course, the machines are also equipped with a temperature recorder that can be listed and checked by the competent authorities.

We offer a number of 40 individual seats for each transport performed. And because we want each of our furry guests to have increased comfort, the high-performance cages inside the vehicles are specially designed for transporting dogs and cats, have a high-performance door lock system and are available in different sizes, depending on of their size: 62x44x50, 78x48x55, 92x57x63, 122x76x84.

And if you are worried that your pet is afraid of the dark, find out that there is a LED lighting system in each compartment. Last but not least, throughout the trip, our team members make sure that the little passengers are supervised, fed and especially cleaned.

Because we care! Why? Because each of them is part of our family!

** Our means of transport are authorized by ANSVSA for the long-distance transport of dogs and cats and are registered in the International Traces System.

Don’t forget to check the transport conditions!

GOOD TO KNOW before transporting your dog or cat to Hungary from Romania and from Hungary to Romania.

  1. No pet, dog or cat, can travel outside Romania/Hungary without a valid International Passport.
  2. The dog or cat can leave the country, according to the legislation in force, only after reaching the age of 4 months and only after being microchipped and vaccinated with rabies.
  3. Due to implantation of the microchip it must be before the date of rabies vaccination
  4. The rabies vaccine should be made at least 21 days before the scheduled start date. It must be written with a pen, it must be signed and paraphrased and it must have a round stamp and secure foil.
  5. On the day of departure or 24 hours before, the dog or cat must be internally and externally debased and undergo a clinical examination. All these data must be found in the Passport of the animal
  6. 5 days before the trip we will need all this data to be able to complete in the International Traces System
  7. Please note that without this information, pets cannot be transported!