Pet transportation for dogs and cats to Switzerland

We are fully qualified drivers and pet lovers, providing pet and dog door-to-door transportation to theSwitzerland from Romania and from Romania to the Switzerland.

We? We took our love for animals, combined it with a passion for entrepreneurship and experience in the field of transport, and so our international animal transport service emerged.

We resonate with an active lifestyle, we like to travel, to be involved in such projects and therefore, our life is shaped around our non-speaking friends. Because we understand your needs and we want your pets to be in good hands, we come to meet you with complete services, adapted to the most demanding requirements.

During the trip, all dogs and cats benefit from all the attention, because we know how stressful a new environment can be for them. All this time, we keep you up to date with the condition of your four-legged friend, we communicate and send you pictures frequently, so that you can be sure that he is happy, excited about his new adventure and eager to get into your arms.

Every non-speaking guest is pampered, fed, hydrated and walked twice a day. We take into account their hygiene, so the blankets are changed whenever needed. The vehicles are ANSVSA authorized and equipped with air conditioning system.

In addition to the exceptional transport conditions, we also offer a lot of love. Because we know that separation from the owner, no matter how short, can be difficult and we try to make up for their lack by giving the animals the affection they so desperately need.

We assure you that our team understands and assumes with great responsibility the trust you place in us, leaving in our care the most valuable friend, turning us into your partners and friends of your pet.

Don’t forget to check the transport conditions!

GOOD TO KNOW before transporting your dog or cat to the Switzerland from Romania and from Romania to the Switzerland

  1. No pet, dog or cat, can travel outside Romania/Switzerland without a valid International Passport.
  2. The dog or cat can leave the country, according to the legislation in force, only after reaching the age of 4 months and only after being microchipped and vaccinated with rabies.
  3. Due to implantation of the microchip it must be before the date of rabies vaccination
  4. The rabies vaccine should be made at least 21 days before the scheduled start date. It must be written with a pen, it must be signed and paraphrased and it must have a round stamp and secure foil.
  5. On the day of departure or 24 hours before, the dog or cat must be internally and externally debased and undergo a clinical examination. All these data must be found in the Passport of the animal
  6. 5 days before the trip we will need all this data to be able to complete in the International Traces System
  7. Please note that without this information, pets cannot be transported!