Pet transportation for dogs and cats to Netherlands

We are fully qualified drivers and pet lovers, providing pet and dog door-to-door transportation to the Netherlands from Romania and from the Netherlands to Romania.

Our values ​​are high care for art and love for animals. We care about keeping your pet happy and healthy. That’s why I spent years bringing your good non-speaking friend straight to your door, safely, whether you adopted him from a foreign country or simply had to move.

We know that relocating a puppy or a cat can be difficult on our own and for this reason we wanted to expand internationally as much as possible. The progress we have made in recent years has given us the opportunity to transport them door to door to the Netherlands from Romania and from the Netherlands to Romania.

The quality of our services is at the heart of everything we do. We respect incredibly high standards to ensure the safety of all our furry guests, as we like to call them, making sure they are happy throughout the trip. Because yes, respect for animals is our priority. For us, they are not just simple animals, but dear beings from whom we have something new to learn every day.

We believe that the only way to provide the best services in the field of international animal transport is to know dogs and cats better than anyone else. So all the members of our team are great animal lovers and thanks to the experience of each of them, they know the fears of their little friends and make sure to be with them along the way.

If you are wondering under what conditions your pets start on the road, find out that all our vehicles are ANSVSA authorized, have air conditioning, heating and are adapted to ensure that they have a stress-free, pleasant and relaxing journey. Of course, the stops are regular to check each animal, and the dogs are taken out twice a day, because we want them to reach their destination first, happy.

We know that every moment spent away from your good friend is stressful, for this reason we alleviate your longing and send you photos regularly. Transparency defines us, so you can find out in real time where we are, because the internet connection accompanies us throughout the trip.

Don’t forget to check the transport conditions!

GOOD TO KNOW before transporting your dog or cat to the Netherlands from Romania and from the Netherlands to Romania.

  1. No pet, dog or cat, can travel outside Romania/Netherlands without a valid International Passport.
  2. The dog or cat can leave the country, according to the legislation in force, only after reaching the age of 4 months and only after being microchipped and vaccinated with rabies.
  3. Due to implantation of the microchip it must be before the date of rabies vaccination
  4. The rabies vaccine should be made at least 21 days before the scheduled start date. It must be written with a pen, it must be signed and paraphrased and it must have a round stamp and secure foil.
  5. On the day of departure or 24 hours before, the dog or cat must be internally and externally debased and undergo a clinical examination. All these data must be found in the Passport of the animal
  6. 5 days before the trip we will need all this data to be able to complete in the International Traces System
  7. Please note that without this information, pets cannot be transported!